About us

Tiia Mäkinen

Founder and Managing Partner

15+ years of working experience and making real my passion for client experience and brand advocacy. I started my career in Finland where I worked as a strategic planner in the leading design agency and delivered brand consultancy work for multinationals doing business in the Nordic market.  It was there that I started to develop my true passion for aligning the customer experience to the business strategy. I saw first hand the struggle of organizations overwhelmed by where to start, confused by competing interests and a (false) belief that there is a silver bullet to deliver truly deep insight and understanding of your customer and their behaviors.

I wanted to delve deeper into the methodology of what I saw as a clearly widening field and pursued a PhD in sensory branding at the University of Zürich. The last 10 years, I spent in the financial industry in Switzerland in senior management roles within marketing, brand building and customer experience, most recently as Head of Client Experience at UBS Wealth Management and Client Experience Manager at Credit Suisse Private Banking.

My strengths lie in the relentless focus on clients and their experience, outside-in thinking, and the ability to translate client data into meaningful insights and insights into foresights for the brand and business. I bring to our team, and to our clients, my long-term practical knowledge of making experience strategies come alive in organizations, which are under constant pressure and change, and I do that with a flare for design thinking, innovation and creativity.

Tanya Greiner


A significant part of my 20-year cross-industry career in corporate communications, marketing and change leadership has focused on strategic program design and implementation - organizational transformations from the inside-out. It has been about helping global organizations manage complex strategic, functional and cultural change programs and making the why, what and how of transformation real and measurable.

I have seen first hand that whichever business purpose and business strategy is emphasized; customer experience, technology and cost optimization, or disruptive innovation; organizational processes and the culture need to be aligned to drive action and deliver on that strategy.

This blend of insights and tactical hands-on experience was a key motivation for creating Musta Experience. I understand that a truly customer-centric strategy happens holistically, and not in silos, different functions and separate departments. To bring experience strategies alive requires close working relationships with senior stakeholders to ensure they have what they need to communicate the message – the skills sets, the capabilities and the hands-on tools to align their goals, the business model and processes with company culture and core values. It is a blend of communications skills, training program design and delivery, and an understanding of how to deliver these programs in complex environments that I bring to our team and our clients.

What is “Musta”

Musta is a must have. The roots of the name, as of the founder and managing partner, Tiia Mäkinen, is Finnish. It means ‘in my opinion’, as we believe experience always is: according to your personal perception.

Musta beliefs

  • We believe in experience. And its’ ability to change people’s attitudes and behaviors - inside the company as well as among customers.
  • We believe that the only way to succeed in today’s experience-oriented world, a company needs to execute a truly people-centric strategy. One based on an inside-out (employee experience) + outside-in (customer experience) approach.
  • We believe there is no good experience without a strategy. And that strategy development is a continuous process.
  • We do not believe in top-down mandates to execute, but in the power of collaboration and co-creation.