The partnership of a brand and a customer experience

Relationship status: it’s complicated

Customer experience and brand go hand-in-hand. Or they should. Sometimes, however, there are frictions in the relationship of these two seemingly harmonious partners in business. 

The brand is the one who is usually setting the boundaries and rules in the relationship. He is the one who sets the tone and the overall context of interactions. The brand makes the promises to the outside world. His job is to create expectations. He is also the style master of the relationship, using symbols to create meanings and communicates with the outside world. 

Experience builds relationships through journeys and touchpoints, immediate interaction. Brand, on the other hand, relies on associations, emotional stories and awareness. The brand cannot live without his experience. Experiences cannot exist without employees or products who deliver the experience.

The experience in the relationship does not necessarily always agree on what the brand promised. Or put bluntly, is not even aware of the promises made. She might have her way of doing things, without further agreement with the brand whether her way is appropriate and suits to the style which he tries to keep up.

If there is no dialog between the two, a common agreement of what has been promised by the brand and how the experience will be delivered, the relationship is very complicated and won’t produce lasting results. At worst, they will work against one another.

But working in harmony these two partners at their best will engage the audience, create strong differentiation, work side-by-side to meet and exceed expectations. They can be tuned to sing the same song, a tune, which will create a lasting memory. Together they can ensure that those who come in contact with them will have a consistent quality in their experience, are eager to engage further, build the relationship and even advocate them.

Is your brand and customer experience in a harmonious relationship or would you think they’d need some help to sort out “it’s complicated”? 

Musta Experience is the experience strategy consultancy that helps you to create brand and customer experiences which will engage and build a meaningful relationship with your audience. Please contact if you are interested in discussing how we could help you to define your brand and customer experience strategy.

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