Our Services

Our services will always be adapted to best respond to your needs. Here are just a few examples:


Consulting services for strategic experience management based on inside-out (employee experience), outside-in (customer experience) approach.

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Change Impact Assessment

During the transformation, it is important to know where to focus and what to prioritise. You will get a benchmarked, inside-out assessment of your company’s abilities to provide meaningful and profitable experiences.

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Co-creation workshops

Creative workshops where you can work together with your employees, key stakeholders and/or clients to develop your experience strategy.

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Experience Training

Musta facilitates internal training sessions for the management or employees, where we will start to challenge the participants' understanding and appreciation of what customer experience is and means, the value of doing it right and what success could look like to your competitors and you.

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Journey Mapping

Journey Mapping is a tool to ”put yourself into clients’ shoes” and visualization of internal alignment against the selected Experience Strategy. Musta can facilitate Journey Mapping sessions on different levels of the organization, depending on your needs.

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Personas are archetypes built to identify real users (customers or employees) profile, needs, wants and expectations in order to design the best possible experience for them. Musta provides Personas researches and designs a program to help you to turn the Personas insights into action in your organization.

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