Change Impact Assessment

musta experience change impact analysis alysa bajenaru

In the Change Impact Assessment, we find answers to:

  • What does the change into experience-centric means in practice to the company? Where are the biggest impact and the burning platforms?
  • Is my team/employees ready for this change?
  • Is my team/employees ready and prepared to tackle this new direction? What’s it like in their world?
  • What are the tools and processes which need to change in the organisation to enable client-centricity to happen in practice?


In assessing the cultural readiness of your employees, we analyse their commitment, resolve and ability to see the change through to the end. The assessment provides critical insight into the capacity of work processes, the present knowledge, skills sets and abilities of your employees, and what’s missing to implement the transformation plan.


You will be provided with a proposal for actions and decisions-to-make based on the assessment and the selected strategy: what works and therefore stays the same, which work structures, resources, processes change, what needs to be adapted and modified, and where are the burning platforms?


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