Co-creation workshops

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Co-creation workshop is a useful and insightful tool to use in all stages of the strategic design process. Through co-creative methods, different user groups or stakeholders’ feedback and insights are instantly integrated into the development process.

Co-creation workshop is especially useful in the ideation and concept development phases. It can be used for instance to develop the experience strategy, the internal story of transformation, new brand strategy or brand positioning, service or product concepts. Sometimes co-creation workshop is in place when the neutral and inclusive approach is needed e.g. in times of change and when the integration of different viewpoints is essential for the success of the selected approach.

The benefits of co-creation:

  • Engagement of the end-users or different stakeholders from the early stages and lowering the acceptance of the new strategy/solution
  • Increase the accuracy of the experience scenario planning and avoid costly mistakes
  • Speed up the development process
  • Multiply the creativity and innovation through the collaboration and different view points
  • Integration of the user specific feedback to the solution development (e.g. when working with Personas)

Musta has a many years’ experience in different co-creational methods (based on design thinking) and can help you to select the most suitable method for the given task. In practice, Musta can offer you a full or partial packages for co-creation workshops which include e.g. workshop design and preparation, participants’ selection and recruitment, facilitation and workshop lead through innovative methods, insight collection and analysis, location definition, workshop space set-up, storyboarding, illustrations, video recordings, reporting.


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