Journey Mapping

musta experience journey mapping greg rakozy

Journey Mapping sessions drive organizational change and client-centric mind-set:

  • Align organization around the customer perspective
  • Help employees discover their own roles in delivering client experience
  • Help employees develop empathy for customers


The goals of Journey Mapping should be aligned on business objectives:

  • Deepen Insights – get a clearer understanding of customer needs
  • Understand the Business Impact - clear focus on the resulting business value
  • Identify Issues/Opportunities – what’s getting in the way, or could be improved, in order to meet customer needs
  • Platform to Innovate – design solutions that deliver both customer and organizational value


Journey Mapping Sessions can be executed through-out the organization. Team-based or cross-organizational selection of participants will allow the development of rich and insightful Journey Maps.

On the long term, Journey Maps can operate as a dynamic and practical tool for the client-centric strategy implementation and documentation of client insights (e.g. client satisfaction measurement).


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